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Adult Price List

Urgent Care Price List (Adults only)

These prices are a guide and final cost will be dependent on your diagnosis. You may need a combination of the below: 


Doctor Consultation £100
Doctor Follow-Up Consultation (within 7 days) £39
Nurse Consultation £35

Wound Packages


Small Dressing Package (10cm X 12.5cm) £25
Large Dressing Package (9cm x 20cm) £60
Wound Glue Package £50
Small Steristrip Package £40
Large Steristrip Package £60
Small Suture Package £45
Large Suture Package £70
Incision and Drainage Package (e.g. Abscesses) £70
Removal of Sutures Package £30
Sprained hand package £45
Toes package £60
Fingers package £40
Foreign body ear package £40
Eye wash package £30

Fracture Packages

Upper Limb New Injury Back-slab Plaster Cast Package £60
Lower Limb New Injury Back-slab Plaster Cast Package £100

Common Diagnostics

X-ray (per X-Ray) from £100
ECG (heart rhythm and electrical activity) £80
Wound swab £67
Throat swab £50
Mouth £50
Urine MC&S (detection of micro-organisms in urine) £50
Faecal culture £50
Respiratory Culture £50
Arterial blood gas (to determine lung function) £30
Urinalysis (may detect urinary tract problems, kidney problems or diabetes) £23
Insertion of catheter £68
Change of catheter £38
Removal of catheter £20


Crutches (pair) £21
Wedge Shoe £21
Protective leg boot (Aircast boot) - small / medium  £91
Protective leg boot (Aircast boot) - large  £104
Supportive ankle strap (Brace ankle prop sport strap) £48
Knee Brace (Donjoy cool iron long) £104
Wrist Splint (Futura splint) £15
Supportive shoe (Donjoy Podulux) £13
Supportive knee splint (Panel splint) £30
Arm sling (Polysling) £21

Blood Packages

Abdo package £85
Chest pain package £85
Chest infection package £85

Common Blood Tests

FDP (blood clotting test) £40
FBC £38
Bone Profile £65
PSA (prostate-specific antigen) £116
Uric Acid (to aid with diagnosis of gout) £27
EBV Test (Epstein barr virus) £168
Thyroid Profile £50
MRSA Screen £42
ESR (cell inflammation test) £29
Liver Function £42
Clotting Screen £54
Magnesium level test £40
Any additional bloods will be charged separately

Prescriptions from a HCA pharmacy

Medication administered within the Urgent Care Centre may incur a cost. Please ask a member of staff for more information
Should you need medication to take home, a member of staff will provide more information on the costs of a prescription.

Should you require admission to hospital

If you need to be admitted for a hospital stay, a deposit will be required. Please ask a member of staff for more information.

If you would like to see the prices for Urgent Care for Children please click here 

For any life threatening conditions patients should always call 999 or go the nearest NHS emergency department.