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Urgent Care Prices

Urgent Care Price List

These prices are a guide and final cost will be dependent on your diagnosis. You may need a combination of the below: 


Doctor Consultation £100
Doctor Follow-Up Consultation (within 7 days) £39
Nurse Consultation £35

Wound Packages


Small Dressing Package (10cm X 12.5cm) £25
Large Dressing Package (9cm x 20cm) £60
Wound Glue Package £50
Small Steristrip Package £40
Large Steristrip Package £60
Small Suture Package £45
Large Suture Package £70
Incision and Drainage Package (e.g. Abscesses) £70
Removal of Sutures Package £30
Sprained hand package £45
Toes package £60
Fingers package £40
Foreign body ear package £40
Eye wash package £30

Fracture Packages

Upper Limb New Injury Back-slab Plaster Cast Package £60
Lower Limb New Injury Back-slab Plaster Cast Package £100

Common Diagnostics

X-ray (per X-Ray) from £100
ECG (heart rhythm and electrical activity) £80
Wound swab £67
Throat swab £50
Mouth £50
Urine MC&S (detection of micro-organisms in urine) £50
Faecal culture £50
Respiratory Culture £50
Arterial blood gas (to determine lung function) £30
Urinalysis (may detect urinary tract problems, kidney problems or diabetes) £23
Insertion of catheter £68
Change of catheter £38
Removal of catheter £20


Crutches (pair) £21
Wedge Shoe £21
Protective leg boot (Aircast boot) - small / medium  £91
Protective leg boot (Aircast boot) - large  £104
Supportive ankle strap (Brace ankle prop sport strap) £48
Knee Brace (Donjoy cool iron long) £104
Wrist Splint (Futura splint) £15
Supportive shoe (Donjoy Podulux) £13
Supportive knee splint (Panel splint) £30
Arm sling (Polysling) £21

Blood Packages

Abdo package £85
Chest pain package £85
Chest infection package £85

Common Blood Tests

FDP (blood clotting test) £40
FBC £38
Bone Profile £65
PSA (prostate-specific antigen) £116
Uric Acid (to aid with diagnosis of gout) £27
EBV Test (Epstein barr virus) £168
Thyroid Profile £50
MRSA Screen £42
ESR (cell inflammation test) £29
Liver Function £42
Clotting Screen £54
Magnesium level test £40
Any additional bloods will be charged separately

Prescriptions from a HCA pharmacy

Medication administered within the Urgent Care Centre may incur a cost. Please ask a member of staff for more information
Should you need medication to take home, a member of staff will provide more information on the costs of a prescription.

Should you require admission to hospital

If you need to be admitted for a hospital stay, a deposit will be required. Please ask a member of staff for more information.