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Sports Injuries

Elite Sport Concierge Service

The elite sport concierge service was set-up by Dr Akbar de Medici with the support of Prof Fares Haddad. Having worked with elite sport teams they understood the specific issues – especially with acute medical care in this setting. The service was created to offer a single point of access to medical amenities not available in a club environment.

Akbar and Dr Sirat Khan manage day-to-day activity - using their complimentary attributes they coordinate a total care platform of medical cover for a wide spectrum of sporting injuries that require treatment.  They are able to arrange immediate medical assessment of the elite sport player within the Princess Grace Hospital by a senior Consultant or Professor. Blood tests, simple and complex diagnostic imaging (USS, CT and MRI) can be arranged by their team of doctors and nurses and, if needed, admission within the Princess Grace Hospital.

Currently they support the majority of premiership football games in London, all Wembley games and support the Princess Grace Hospital, which provides medical cover for the NFL for their London games.

Akbar de Medici MB BS (Lond) BSc (Hons) PhD MRCS (Eng)

Akbar is the associate director of Elite Sport Research and has worked closely with Prof Haddad in the development of the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health. The ISEH, supported by HCA, is a major Olympic legacy initiative to develop the speciality of sports medicine in the UK (

Additionally he has worked closely with over 3,000 elite athletes across a range of sports and directly advises their medical support teams through the Compression Advisory - an organisation he created in 2007. This gives him an excellent understanding of the of the very particular requirements of this sector of the population.

Sirat Khan MB BS (Lond), MD (Lond), BSc Anat (Hons), MRCS (Eng)

Sirat is the associate director of Elite Sport Concierge.  He completed his undergraduate training at University College London Medical School and his surgical training was within the North West London Surgical Rotation.   He has worked at the Institute of Trauma Sciences, QMUL where he is completing his PhD studies in Trauma.  Additionally he has worked within the HCA group  since 2005 and has many close medical and surgical contacts within the network.

‘'Akbar de Medici and Sirat Khan have been a valuable source of medical support to the club for some time. The network they have established ensures we always have access to a range of specialists, radiology and urgent medical care, often at awkward times and through one point of contact. The Princess Grace elite sport service has become an integral part of the emergency match-day protocols at the club.' Richard Weiler, Club Doctor, West Ham United FC